OT: Mac vs Win partisanship is unnecessary

Jerry Daniels jerry.daniels at me.com
Wed Jul 21 21:25:22 EDT 2010

Curry, well said. I would also urge everyone to explore and look beyond the desktop into the world. I just downloaded FlipBoard to my iPad and it really blew my mind. Gave me a bunch of ideas for apps. 

Flipboard did something other apps do, but WOW Flipboard did it so much better and more organically. Am I promoting iPad here? No. iPad is incidental to what someone delivered through it.

My Mac really does have a blend level of about 70. For me it's not opaque at all. It's just there to get me through the day's work. I certainly don't think I'm special because I have one. Most any box could get me through the day. What matters is what I do with it. Who I become with it. What kind of tomorrow I'm creating and exploring with it.

This is the stuff that we use to drive Rodeo development. We imagine where we could be with an app and work backwards with syntax, objects and editors to get there. We are constantly sending each other links to articles, apps, designs of household items...all kinds of stuff. 

You can't create something great by copying something else, but by exploring ideas and principles. Someone asked if we are going to have the commands, properties, etc. of Revolution. If we've done that then we've failed. We should do more with less.

Otherwise, why bother? 


Jerry Daniels

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On Jul 21, 2010, at 8:03 PM, Curry Kenworthy <curry at pair.com> wrote:

> Stephen wrote:
>> I find this cry for a Windows version amusing
>> This is payback time
> I find an OS-driven personality/identity amusing. I am not anti-Flash, anti-QuickTime, anti-HTML5, anti-Windows, or anti-Mac. If Flash or Windows irritate someone, that's fine. I subscribe to the old "Think Different" philosophy, not one that encourages being the same.
> If what's good for the goose applies...why is bashing Mac off limits but we have gloating directed at Windows users? Come on people, these are two operating systems (and companies) that drive tools to help us in life and business, hopefully not two religions or two systems that should drive us to follow them. Each has its strengths. Each has its problems. Neither deserves to be a master, because people should use tools and not the other way around. Mac lovers, more power to you! Windows or Linux users--the same sentiment exactly, enjoy the OS you prefer.
> I signed up with Rodeo and am looking forward to using it. However, a Windows or web editor would be great too. If I need to always edit on Mac, so be it, but using one technology or another I'm sure I will be writing apps for iPhone or iPad from Windows eventually if I so desire. (If it's an IDE written in Flash, that's fine too!) By the same token I like to be able to develop for other devices on the Mac if that comes in handy. That's the great thing about progress--more possibilities, not fewer. And the Rodeo team has certainly been helpful and nice when fielding OS and device questions.
> As Jerry said, the OS boundaries that force people to choose may be an illusion. (At least in some situations.) RunRev has surely erased a lot of boundaries and it looks like Rodeo is off to a good start in that area too! Let's enjoy that freedom and not force OS choices. To each his own OS. Let the goose and the gander each observe the same guidelines of discussion.
> Hopefully these comments will be taken in the positive spirit with which they are offered. Okay, I'll shut up now and get back to coding!
> Best wishes,
> Curry
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