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Wed Jul 21 14:59:35 EDT 2010

(May I call you Flex?)
I think a lot of the philosophy and business plan for D&M is that sooner or
later, the entire web will finally embrace the open Web Standards that are
being set now with HTML5, CSS4 and javascript, and Flash sites will have to
provide a HTML "alternative", as cnn, Huff Post, You Tube and Vimeo
currently do.  Flash could be dead in months,IHMO.  THIS IS A BIG DEAL.

As for 'just install the RevWeb plugin' - you've seen the pain and hassle
this causes with the incompatibility with different browsers - I can imagine
the insanity the Rev staff went through to create and debug the thing - and
plugins are so proprietary and 'yesterday' that it's not really an
alternative for the beauty of a 'pure' engine and the easier implementation
of just using what's always available in the browser. Not to mention much
easier acceptance of one's application in the corporate IT world.

There is a great opportunity for us and others to rebuild web apps and sites
with the new technology as our clients  'get it'.  "I want my online app and
sites to run on iPhone and iPad!" - Apple is driving the standards, and
unlike Microsoft's attempts they don't cost more for patented software and a
rigged OS for the others to follow these standards.

The notion that users aren't going to want to install a new browser is
flawed. Users ( the ones we really want to target) are more sophisticated
today than in earlier years. If they want to see/use/play the content, they
will do whatever it takes.

Depending on your ROI, the cost of a Mac factored in could be a trivial
thing, like buying a new phone or iPad.  If your margins are so small that a
new computer will put you out of sorts, then yes, you don't need this.
Nobody guaranteed a democratic spread of platform with the tools - Jerry has
only so many resources and a limited customer base and he's focusing, big
time on the one he knows best and can save time and hassle by using.

The 3.5 million iPads and iPhones sold just this quarter tell the tale.

The current user base for this product (as researched by Jerry) was
obviously Mac-Centric, as most of these developers use MacBooks, MacBook
Pros and Mac Pros for their development for all platforms ( the Intel Mac
has been dubbed 'better hardware than a PC' when used with boot camp ) and
the virtualizers do a pretty good job for testing most apps on other
platforms.   PC only hardware can't virtualize Macs.   Perhaps it's time to
consider a Mini - then you can run everything. How do you test your
Macintosh apps right now?

I find this cry for a Windows version amusing (what about US?), as Mac users
have been enduring for over 25 years the lack of a 'mac version' of various
PC-centric products and the insulting ignorance of companies like Linksys
that wouldn't display the fact their products would work perfectly on the
Mac anyway, and have for years.

This is payback time - in the name of ultimate cross-platform compatibility
and internet sanity, instead of corporate control and licensing.  Microsoft
has called the shots for too many years, and now they have to follow. Word
is that IE 8 will read html5, CSS4, and have complete support of javascript,
all open source technologies they can't patent.

As for the users, they win big with this change. What is the big deal of
downloading a new browser ? Is that really much different for most users
than installing yet another fricking Flash update?
change is gonna come... and really fast. I want to be a part of it.

I would love to hear futurist Robert
Cailliau's<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Cailliau>take on this
topic today, if he hasn't already covered it already two years
ago in Vegas at the Keynote.


On 21 July 2010 10:50, FlexibleLearning <admin at flexiblelearning.com> wrote:
> Okay... I'll put up my hand and admit. I just don't get it. And it's
> *really* annoying me!
> 1. 'Rodeo uses WebKit'. This assumes I know what a 'webKit' is. Assuming
> it's a framework for Browsers (is it? Read the webkit page and it looks
> it is), it immediately alientates any non-webkit Browser such as the
> ubiquitous Internet Explorer (whatever one may think about it).
> 2. 'Rodeo creates web pages, not Revolution stacks' and 'tools built for
> in stacks will not work in Rodeo'. Okay. So why not just write html for
> pages and use the revPlugin to deliver stacks?
> 3. Development with Rodeo requires a Mac with an Internet connection. My
> connection is on my Windows box.
> Bozo here, struggling for that 'Aha' moment. Not a big deal, but it leaves
> me out of the loop (assuming I ever understand what being in this loop
> actually means, of course).
> Any help towards that satori moment would be most gratefully received. And
> if I am being REALLY thick, you can avoid embarassing me by writing
> off-list!
> /H
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Stephen Barncard
San Francisco

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