[OT] Computer History: Apple released Macpaint and Quickdraw sources

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On 07/20/2010 01:35 PM, Malte Pfaff-Brill wrote:
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If there is a lesson to be learnt anywhere in this it lies in comparing 
the photo of
Steve Jobs and Bill Atkinson taken in 1984 with these:



which are fairly shocking.

I would put Bill Atkinson's new photo down to simple aging (also may be 
because he was sensible
enough to get out of the cut-and-thrust of super aggressive capitalism

[parenthetically; my childhood was also heavily influenced by the 
'Arizona Highways' magazine
as my great-Uncle of the George A. Mathewson company of New Jersey
(http://www.panynj.gov/business-opportunities/pdf/RES_21195.pdf  )  
(that incorporated
the mysteriously entitled 'Lovejoy mechanical coupling company'
[ http://www.lovejoy-inc.com/products/shaft-locking-devices.aspx
"Lovejoy: where the world turns for coupling" - I mean, I ask you]) sent 
it to me for about 10 years.];

but Steve Jobs is a different case altogether - what being a
dictatorial so-and-so can do to you . . . and, maybe, a Vegan diet; 
probably abit
thin on the protein; a spot of cheese might make all the difference.

I mean, even Fidel Castro looks better than that; Nikita Khruschev anyone?

Further exercises in "Temporal Compare and Contrast" can be played here:


where, once you have brushed up your Bahasa, you can see that Steve 
Wozniak, by getting out of
the 'pit of hell', instead of morphing into Doctor Death has aged 
gracefully into a cheerful,
happy middle-aged chap.

Funny cartoons as well.

Kevin Miller might like to think about this . . . and that is meant in a 
friendly way; obviously
the computer marketing 'games' grinds the sh*t out of you!

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