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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Jul 16 10:54:05 EDT 2010

Andre wrote:

> The standard button has a darker square around it that is not a part of the
> button itself. As if it was being drawn as opaque and the whole square
> occupied by the button is drawn in a darker or different tone, I know the
> button is supposed to be darker but not the surrounding area, it is as if
> the button occupies a rect with some padding, between this rect and the
> actuall button, meaning the gap or space between the button border and the
> control rect should be on the theme background and not a darker tone. This
> is what causes the squarish thing on the radio and on the progress as well.
> Controls are being drawn and sometimes the surrounding collors or bounding
> rects are wrong.
> If you are on your linux and has a windows or mac keyboard attached to it,
> try pressing WINDOWN+N or CMD+N to turn your screen to a negative image, in
> the negative image is easier to spot the tone differents and the wrong
> rects. Press again to turn it back to normal.
> For example see how round should be the interior border of the progress
> inside the progress bar, the the square corners where they should not be?
> Are those little cosmetic things that makes us need to go with custom
> controls and that makes the whole process difficult. I am no scott rossi to
> roll my own super beautiful controls, I need the GUI to work for me.

Good find - thanks.



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