Personal suggestion for fixing the Linux situation

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Fri Jul 16 15:29:58 EDT 2010

Let me explain again.  You take the most minimalist possible Linux.  As
little gui tools as possible.  You take the distro that has the least
possible tweaking of any applications.  Then you try to find out:  do
virtual desktops work here?  Are all fonts visible here?  Does the editor
crash here?

If it works fine, you have learned something important.  You know that it is
something at a higher level than this that is causing the problem.  So you
start adding stuff, one thing at a time.  Eventually you can tie it down. 
Or it may be that in Slackware, it just works.  Then you know it is in other
distro tweaks and customizations.

This is not about what we use for goodness' sake!  I don't use Slackware any
more (though I would for servers).  This is about systematically tying down
what it is that is causing the problems, going through and eliminating
possible causes one after the other.

I don't mind the command line and editing text files at all, but its not
something that I want to do in my regular working system.  But there is no
other way of getting as close to bare metal as you can, and there is no
other way of eliminating most of the possible sources of the problems than
getting down to bare metal.
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