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Medard liste.revo at
Fri Jul 16 10:42:51 EDT 2010

Medard <liste.revo at> wrote:

> I did not write some AS for a time... 
> and I forgot to replace the slashes with something AS understands ;-)

I thinks it's better now:

on mouseUp
   answer folder "List files in folder:"
   if it is empty then exit mouseup
   replace slash with colon in it -- mandatory!
   put "iMacIntel" before it 
-- the name of the Mac, besides the old G5 ;-)
   put it into tfolder
   put "tell Application" && quote & Finder & quote into tcommande
   put cr & "files of folder" && quote & tfolder & quote & "as text"
after tcommande
   put cr & "end tell" after tcommande
   do tcommande as applescript
   get the result
-- no error treatment for now; 
-- AS places the result... in "the result" variable!
   replace tfolder & colon with cr in it -- some cleaning
   delete line 1 of it
   put it into field ffiles
end mouseUp

Quick and dirty ;-)

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