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Andrew Kluthe andrew at
Mon Jul 12 12:08:22 EDT 2010


Sorry for the confusion. 

>"It is also possible to show a modal dialog on top of another modal   
>dialog. If you add a Calendar button to your payment stack to open the   
>calendar as a modal dialog, you could allow the user to select a date   
>and show the date in the Payment stack after the Calendar stack closes. 

This is what I do and it works fine everywhere else, but something is
causing the behavior I described and I am trying to pin it down.

Payment Stack is a modal, Calendar stack is a modal on top of the payment

Answer Dialogs appear on top of the payment stack modal, but I cannot click
OK until I TopLevel the payment stack. Its almost as if the Payment Stack
steals the focus and I have to TopLevel the payment stack to close the modal
that was opened from the payment stack.

This same behavior occurs with the calendar and any other modal i launch off
of this Payment Stack modal.

Throughout the rest of my app, this process works correctly. I am trying to
get some ideas of what to look for to fix it on the payment stack.

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