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Mon Jul 12 11:53:14 EDT 2010

Hey, Jim!

Rodeo development and deployment requires no plugin of any sort now or in the future.

Rodeo Transfer at the moment translates Rev UI objects into HTML/CSS. Rodeo web apps are HTML/CSS/Javascript.

Rodeo tables are not plain text fields. The look and behave very much like Rev datagrids. They are single elements, however, not a group of elements. They are HTML tables. 

A Rodeo table is also linked to a data source which can be an index to records. The industrial use of a Rodeo table is to show a record when you click on a line in the table. Data linking, etc, in Rodeo is very implicit for the developer. We've just begin the data-linking part of this process.

Hope that helps. Lots of info on our site.


Jerry Daniels

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On Jul 12, 2010, at 10:05 AM, James Hurley wrote:

> (Snip)
> Thanks Jerry and Sarah. This  looks very interesting.
> It would be helpful to me if you would contrast and compare Rodeo's web apps with Revolutions  current revlets. What are its limitations and advantages vis-a-vis Rev?
> My questions are VERY basic. Does Rodeo require a plug-in? Does it translate Rev Talk into HTML or some variant thereof? (If this is a viable option, why didn't RunRev go that route?) When you speak of tables, are these Data Grids and/or the plain vanilla table fields--or both?
> I'm sure that whatever you and Sarah are cooking up for us will be exciting.
> Best regards,
> Jim Hurley
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