Scripting what should be a simple loop...

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Jul 10 13:27:32 EDT 2010

Richmond wrote:

> However, when I tried to run the script it "threw a bluey" and opened
> the script editor in that rather unhelpful way where it marks the problem
> but doesn't allow you to edit it.

It's opening in debug mode, which I find to be one of the most helpful 
features of the script editor. It suspends script execution at the point 
of error, while retaining all the variable values so that you can see 
what they are. This often gives you insight into what went wrong. In 
addition, the little popup button at the top of the editor gives you the 
entire history of the handler calls (the execution context) so that you 
can backtrack through all the handlers that may have led up to the 
error. It's an invaluable tool. You can't edit in this mode, but you can 
see everything that led up to the problem.

Once you are done examining the history and variable values of the 
error, just click the blue square icon in the script editor toolbar, or 
else type Control-Y to exit debug mode (Cmd-Y on Mac.) All the variable 
values and history are wiped out and you can edit again.

I couldn't script without this feature, I think I spent half my time 
yesterday using it. But if you never want to use it, you can turn off 
"script debug mode" in the Development menu. In my view, doing that is 
equivalent to blindfolding yourself and looking for the car keys you 
lost in the attic, but each to his own.

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