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Roger Guay irog at
Sat Jul 10 11:31:56 EDT 2010

Many thanks to all who responded to my previous post. Can anyone tell me why this script doesn't work?

on mouseUp
    ## Create tab delimited data.
    ## Note that first line has name of columns.
    ## Providing names tells Data Grid how to map
    ## data to appropriate columns. 
    put "state" & tab & "code" & cr & \
             "ALABAMA" & tab & "AL" & cr & \
             "ALASKA" & tab & "AK" into theText

    ## Let Data Grid know that first line has column names
    put true into firstLineContainsColumnNames
    set the dgText [ firstLineContainsColumnNames ] of group "DataGrid 1" to theText
end mouseUp

This is in the  "How Do I Create My First Data Grid Table" lesson of revLessons.

Thanks and cheers,
Roger Guay

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