Problem saving files

David C. davidocoker at
Tue Jul 6 15:23:45 EDT 2010

> It seems like maybe you've found a bug in either Rev or Windows,
> possibly caused by using the default Win settings of
> hiding file name extensions.

On my system, I have it set where it does not hide file name
extensions.. except for the hidden system files of course.

> If you have file name extensions hidden and select an item in the putfile
> dialog, it may reflect that setting by keeping it hidden from view but it's
> still there, giving rise to the prompt about the duplicate file name.
> If everything was working as expected, the string you get back would include
> a file name extension even if it's hidden from the user's view, so your
> program would be able to know exactly which file to write to.
> If the Windows API is returning the string to Rev without the extension even
> though it's present, that would be a bug in Windows.  But if there's an API
> for returning the actual name and Rev is either using it incorrectly or
> using a less diligent API, that would be a bug in Rev.

The inconsistency between typing or selecting with a mouse is what was
throwing me for such a loop... of course it didn't help that I was too
tired (brain dead) to keep track of all of the code varieties that I
tried. :(

Still haven't had a chance to try Jacque's work around yet, but I'm
confident that she has me out of seep water.

> Either way, it may be worth a moment to file a bug report on it:
> <>
> Thanks for turning that up.  Good find.

Will do on the bug report...

...first one I have personally ever run across using Rev, having used
it to one degree or another for almost five years now. The "degrees of
use" though has changed quite a lot  though, since I have seldom used
anything but Rev over the last couple of years.

Best regards,
David C.

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