Rev Studio - How to determine the file location of the currently open Rev file

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sun Jul 4 06:23:32 EDT 2010


// full path
put the effective filename of this stack into myPath

// parent folder
set the itemDel to slash
put item 1 to -2 of the effective filename of this stack into myFolder

You might also want to read in the dictionary about the defaultFolder  

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On 4 jul 2010, at 12:14, Steve King wrote:

> Hi
> This is a very simple question, but driving me nuts! In the  
> application I am
> working on I set the default folder to My Documents. When I want to  
> save the
> current Rev file (in IDE) as a new filename, SaveAs drops back to the
> 'default' folder, not the original folder location for the Rev file  
> itself.
> I can't see any way of determining where the  Rev file was previously
> stored, so I can navigate back to the correct folder and save a new  
> filename
> there, there doesn't seem to be a properties option.
> Cheers
> Steve

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