Running revlets on the iPad

Martin Baxter mb.userev at
Fri Jul 2 08:26:57 EDT 2010

Alejandro Tejada wrote:
> Hi Andre,
> Andre Garzia-3 wrote:
>> HTML5 + JS + CSS3 is the future... it will superseed Flash, eventually.
> Actually, the problem is not Flash, but the persistent abuse
> and misuse of SWF for advertising content. 
> You could find, easily, 4 or 5 swf files on the same page,
> trying to get your attention, your bandwidth and your
> processor, all of them, at the same time.
> The solution that i envision to this is:
> Only the more recent (or latest) SWF
> is able to run. The rest should wait
> until the user clicks on them.

> If HTML5 + JS + CSS3 replace SWF files, then
> this problem would become only more evident.
> Al

I couldn't agree more. At present I can choose to either not install, or
to disable Flash (and I do). With html video, canvas, dom storage etc.
protecting yourself from "demented content snippets" (and sneaky
snooping) becomes even harder. It introduces a whole new world of
opportunity for design and marketing low-lifes to make web pages
unbearable to the point of icky. The faction that wants the web to be
like TV (only worse), alienates those who like using the web because TV
sucks. But hey, at least there's no way they can override the missing
sound card I removed. :D (Bliss. Bliss. Silence is golden.)

Flash could have been used for good or evil, guess which one mankind
chose! ;-)

Martin Baxter

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