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You raise really valid points!

The thing about HTML5 + JS + CSS3 is that in some ways it is more advanced
than flash, they are usually handled using really fast js engines and they
are more integrated with the host web page, instead of being a binary
blob/rect on a page, it can be very fluid. These doesn't mean that RevWeb
"do in browser" or Flash ability to call host page js.

I would not have a problem with flash if the flash plugin was more polite
with the rest of my system. Flash takes all my CPU and tends to crash like a
castle of cards here sometimes.

Now, RevWeb and Flash are cousins, all the bad things we say about plugins
and proprietary technologies can apply to both but I'd rather use RevWeb
than Flash for obvious reasons.

The cool thing about HTML5 & Friends is that even though it requires a very
steep learning curve, it removes some complexity layers as no plugin is
involved anymore. Still, productivity with RevWeb is 10 times faster/greater
than with HTML5 & Friends.

RevWeb is a wonderful way to deploy intranet apps for example, better than
flash, easier than HTML5 & etc.

We can condemn Flash while hoping our own Plugin gets wide adoption. The
main issue about plugins from my point of view is that it will be really
hard to get them on mobiles... except for that, I think they have a valid
place in my toolchain.


On Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 6:20 PM, Scott Rossi <scott at tactilemedia.com> wrote:

> > HTML5 + JS + CSS3 is the future... it will superseed Flash, eventually.
> I find it interesting that many folks here decry the use of Flash, but
> would
> be quite happy to have the rev plugin gain more widespread use.
> I would hazard a guess that if Adobe was a small company just starting out
> and came up with the idea for Flash, most people would be quite thrilled.
> But Adobe is giant conglomerate and the general policy for any large
> company
> is "No mercy!"
> It's not a valid argument to simply say "Flash sucks."  The core ideas
> behind Flash make sense: replace bandwidth-heavy bitmaps with efficient
> vector art that gets rendered with bitmap effects when displayed; store the
> instructions for animation, rather than individual animated frames; use
> efficiently compressed audio that gets decompressed on the client side.
> Obviously, one can argue the implementation could use more work.  And I
> will
> the first the claim that Adobe so complicated ActionScript that it is
> virtually inapproachable by novice developers (if you don't believe this,
> explain why Adobe developed Catalyst).
> But I'm having a hard time understanding why employing 3 separate
> technologies -- HTML5 + JS + CSS -- is considered an improvement over using
> one.  Because they're "open"?  Does this mean they're automatically better
> technologies?
> As someone who's spent years in Web development and who has spent countless
> hours finding workarounds for Web browser idiosyncrasies and screw ups, I
> am
> quite leery of this move toward "everything in the browser".  How many man
> hours have been wasted by developers trying to get their Web pages to work
> cross-browser, not to mention cross-platform?  Billions?  Trillions?  And
> now, because Flash is suddenly considered "bad", using a collection of
> separate Web technologies must automatically be "good".
> "But all the modern browsers will support standards and will render
> HTML+JS+CSS indentically!!"  Seriously?  Then what will be the benefit of
> using one browser over another?  Why even have multiple browsers?
> The truth is browsers will NEVER do things similarly if they're competing
> with one another.  Which means the development headaches are are only going
> to continue.  Say what you want about Flash, but it's *one environment*,
> not
> IE/Safari/Chrome/Firefox/Opera/etc.
> We're 10 years into the new millennium, and things are getting more
> complicated, when they should be getting simpler.
> And we still don't have flying cars.
> Regards,
> Scott Rossi
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> Tactile Media, UX Design
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