[BUG?] Can anyone here confirm that RevBrowserSnapshot works?

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Thu Jul 1 17:25:50 EDT 2010

Andre Garzia wrote:
> I am also having trouble with export snapshot as well... since the
> revBrowserSnapshot does not work, I decided to give old export snapshot
> command a try:
> thats the error I am receiving:
> Error description: export: no image selected, or image not open
>       export snapshot from rect "1472,144,2112,624" to tSnapshot as PNG
> The code is the one above. I've tried exporting to files as well, same
> error...
> Any clues? Can both export snapshot commands be broken?

I was just trying out export snapshot to see if I could help, and I 
wasn't having any trouble with that part. I was using:

  export snapshot from the mousecontrol to tSnapshot
  put tSnapshot

When I held the mouse over a button and executed that from the message 
box, the message box filled with image binary data. So that works. I 
didn't specify a format, I let the engine choose it.

What I can't do is set an image from the variable. I know there's a way, 
but I don't remember it. If I use the imagedata I get something that is 
close but not correct. If I use "put tSnapshot into img 1" or "set the 
text of img 1 to tSnapshot", the image snaps to the correct dimensions 
as though it was accomodating the new image size, but nothing shows. The 
image is white.

That's as far as I got. Where's Scott Rossi when you need him?

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