why a popup-menu does not open at a new defined mouseloc?

G.Wolfgang Gaich GWolfgang at gaich.de
Sun Feb 28 14:15:14 EST 2010

Hi Jacqueline,

thank you for your time and your suggestion.

I figured out that also a move command corrects the mouseloc for the
popup command.

set the screenmouseloc to globalloc(the loc of btn 1)
move me to the loc of me --(or move this stack to the loc of this stack)

Then the popup menu pops up at the loc of btn 1



Am Sonntag, den 28.02.2010, 12:00 -0600 schrieb J. Landman Gay:
> G.Wolfgang Gaich wrote:
> > I experimented a while with the mouseloc and realized that it's not true
> > that the popup opens at the mouse location when you set the mouseloc
> > with e.g. 'set the screenmouseloc to globalloc(the loc of btn "b")'.
> > In the dictionary: 
> > If no location is specified, the menu's top left corner is at the mouse
> > location. 
> > And I wondered why the popup command does not accept the new mouse
> > location.
> I just did a quick test and it looks to me like the engine doesn't use 
> the new position until a user event occurs. This is what I did:
> on arrowkey pwhich
>    if pwhich = "right" then
>      set the screenmouseloc to globalloc(the loc of btn 1)
>      get the mouseloc
>      popup btn 1
>      put the mouseloc && it
>    else
>      pass arrowkey
>    end if
> end arrowkey
> Nothing appears in the message box until I close the menu (correct 
> behavior.) Then the message box contains two identical locations, both 
> where btn 1 is, but the menu was actually displayed at the old mouse 
> position, as you reported. But if I step through the handler in the 
> debugger, it works as you'd expect. I think that's because I'm 
> generating user events by stepping in the debugger.

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