Ideas to simulate a multithreaded sockets server

Marcio Alexandroni marcio at
Fri Feb 26 12:44:49 EST 2010


I'm currently building a new version of a product that has 3 modules:

* A sockets server that operates the application logic.
* The administration module which communicates with the server using sockets
to set properties. 
* The PDA module that is actually what users interact and that also
communicates with the server using sockets.

Today I have the server and administration modules written in Delphi and
Palm/WinMo solutions on the PDAs.

It would be very, very interesting if I could have a server that I could
deploy on Windows, Linux or Mac machines, so I built a "test" version in
Rev, but I found it does not handle multiple requests, but queues and
process one at a time, which is not suitable for this solution.

I've been thinking if there is any way to overcome this situation, perhaps
launching a separate process for each connection, passing the client address
to this new process, this way I could return immediately from the handler,
letting it process the queue, while the process actually handles the request
and feedback to the client.

Does anyone have any idea if starting multiple Rev subprocesses is possible
or perhaps any other idea on how to do this concurrent handling in Rev?

Thanks in advance.

Marcio Alexandroni
 ( (+55 11) 9989-8316
Skype: marcioalexandroni

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