an annual calendar somewhere?

Brian Yennie briany at
Thu Feb 25 18:17:48 EST 2010

According to the ncal docs, the country code has nothing to do with language, just Gregorian dates:

    -s country_code
            Assume the switch from Julian to Gregorian Calendar at the date
            associated with the country_code.  If not specified, ncal tries to
            guess the switch date from the local environment or falls back to
            September 2, 1752.  This was when Great Britain and her colonies
            switched to the Gregorian Calendar.

> 2010/2/25 J. Landman Gay <jacque at>:
>> zryip theSlug wrote:
>>> Maybe you are in 10.4?
>> It does seem to be OS-related. On my Snow Leopard machine, ncal is
>> supported. On my plain Leopard Mac, it is not. But even on Snow Leopard I
>> don't see French, the calendar is returned in English.
> Thanks, interesting to know.
> If I consider my test, changing the country has no effect. First I
> believe that the command will be return the calendar with a difference
> with the first day of the week (as you know, it's not sunday in
> french, but monday) but I obtain all the time monday as first day of
> the week...
> For the translation, a quick replace as I propose previously, could do
> the job. The difficulty here, is have the right system version...
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> -Zryip TheSlug- wish you the best! 8)
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