RunRevLive.10: 72 hours left to save

Marian Petrides mpetrides at
Thu Feb 25 15:36:24 EST 2010

Excuse me? How can RR be perceived as behaving responsibly, when we get non-responses from queries about shipping status, when it takes more than 6 months for the DVDs to arrive and when there are such disparities (MORE THAN A MONTH) in shipping.  Even if you sub-contract out a part of production of an item, you are still responsible for the behavior of the people you hired and it is YOU who are answerable to the customer.

People on this list have been MORE THAN PATIENT waiting, waiting, waiting, patiently, quietly. There comes a time when you have to exercise the only recourse available to you--public protest.  RunRev should not be surprised at the level of annoyance expressed here. The only thing that they should be surprised about is that people waited this long before "pitching a hissy fit," as they say in the American South. 

We've cut RunRev a LOT of slack on this issue (this time AND last time--with the '08 Conference DVDs).  It's time they made good on their promises--instead of making even more empty promises.

On Feb 25, 2010, at 2:16 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> RR behaved responsibly regarding the DVDs, and this particular snafu was not their fault. If you want the reason, wait for the email.

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