Odd selection hangup

DunbarX at aol.com DunbarX at aol.com
Mon Feb 22 10:35:08 EST 2010

Someone on one of the forums ("Tal") asks why when one has the following 
code in an object:

on selectedObjectChanged    
    set the selected of me to "false"
end selectedObjectChanged

one can click on the object when in edit mode, and the object will 
obligingly deselect itself.

But if one drags a selection rectangle to the object, it "seems" like it 
remains selected. The handles linger. Operation is otherwise normal, though I 
am sure I have seen the text in a field under this condition pretty well 
locked up.

It got better.

The handles will stick, not forever, but it is not clear to me what I need 
to to do to get it deSelected, though I have, by fooling around and 
navigation and stuff, gotten rid of them. Closing the stack does it.


Craig Newman

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