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Matthias Rebbe runrev260805 at m-r-d.de
Mon Feb 22 08:16:19 EST 2010


thanks for your answer. Maybe you know also how I can get the  
standalone name from the standalone settings?

Then i could create acommon script and do not have to adjust it  
according to the standalone name.



Am 22.02.2010 um 13:49 schrieb "Jim Bufalini" <jim at visitrieve.com>:

> Mathias,
> You wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> i need to process the standalone files  after they were created. So i
>> thought i could use 'on standalonesaved pFolder'. But pFolder only
>> contains the target path, which was selected in the standalone build
>> process.
>> I am working under Windows. Under Windows the standalone is not  
>> created
>> in that target folder directly. The standalone builder creates an
>> additional folder in this target folder. If i create the standalone
>> multiple times, the name of this automatic created folder is numbered
>> consecutively.
>> Is there any way to process the files in this automatic created  
>> folder
>> by script?
> As you note, the standalone builder creates a directory under the  
> directory
> you select and appends a number each time you build. Also, depending  
> on if
> you are building for just Windows or other OSs, the EXE file you are  
> looking
> for could be directly under this numbered directory or in a "Windows"
> subdirectory. So...
> Let's say the directory you select to save in is called  
> MyRevPrograms and
> the name of the standalone is MyProgram. Set the defaulFolder to
> MyRevPrograms. Use the *folders* function to return a list of  
> folders under
> MyRevPrograms into a variable. Use the *filter* command to filter the
> variable with only folders with the name "MyProgram*" (note the  
> asteric).
> Sort the variable descending. Line 1 of the variable will now  
> contain the
> last build directory name. Append this directory (with a slash in  
> front) to
> the defaultFolder.
> If you built for multiple OSs then you would have to append /Windows  
> to
> this. This is where your EXE and stacks you included in the last  
> build will
> be. So you should end up with something like:
> C:/MyRevPrograms/MyProgram8/Windows/
> Aloha from Hawaii,
> Jim Bufalini
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