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Thanks for this suggestion, but wouldn't that make the print-out  
grainy when it comes to the text portion of the print-out?  My  
experience is that printing images of text is usually kind of grainy  
as compared with printing the actual text fonts (even if they're  
substituted by printer fonts).  I can easily try it on my own printers  
but that may not reveal what will happen on other printers.  What do  
you think?



On Feb 22, 2010, at 3:05 AM, Mark Schonewille wrote:

> Ray,
> Make a snapshot of the browser window and put that on a card. Now  
> print your cards.
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> Op 22 feb 2010, om 14:46 heeft Ray Horsley het volgende geschreven:
>> I seem to have discovered several limitations to the  
>> RevBrowserPrint command.
>> Firstly, it seems to have no way of cooperating with batch  
>> printing.  That is, if I open printing, print a batch of cards via  
>> a repeat loop, and close printing (expecting to print the whole  
>> batch on closing) RevBrowserPrint behaves as if I never opened  
>> printing in the first place in that it presents the print dialog  
>> and prints the card on each iteration of the repeat loop.
>> The second limitation is I seem to have a choice of either printing  
>> the browser image or Revolution fields, but not the combination of  
>> both.  Any ideas on how to overcome either of these?
>> Thanks,
>> Ray Horsley
>> LinkIt! Software
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