Odd colour effects with mac plug in

Kevin Stallibrass kevin at stallibrass.com
Mon Feb 22 06:06:37 CST 2010

Thanks everyone who took the time to answer my last post below.


"I built a revlet which views fine on all my windows boxes and while it

viewed Ok on the mac (leopard) I still had the old problem of the dialogue

appearing behind safari when the revlet opened a find file dialogue.

Wondering if this had been fixed, I downloaded the latest plug in from the

mother ship and sure enough, it works! Except that all text in the revlet is

now bright blue where it should be black  and cyan where it should be red.

Interestingly, any plug in dialogues  also display blue text. The exception

appears to be text within a drop down menu or combo box. This displays


Based on the answers and suggestions, I did a bit of testing.

This does appear to be an issue seen on PowerPC processors but this never
used to be the case. As I mentioned before, the original plug-in had the
dialogue box issue (and perhaps others) but the text colour was fine. The
dialogue has been fixed but the font colour has changed. It's not only the
revlet that shows the issue, any plug in dialogue also has the problem so
there's nothing I can do to the revlet to change this.


Not complaining, these things happen and I'm sure this issue will be
resolved at some point but, and this is my question, how will I know? Where
do I go to find what's been fixed and when new releases have been made?



Kevin Stallibrass



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