How to enter a time of day

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Sat Feb 20 15:39:09 EST 2010


If your app runs exclusively on the Mac you may want to just look at integrating iCal into it with AppleScript and handle it that way...

When your app launches or whenever is appropriate, let the user select a calendar file that's exclusive to your app. The user could open it in iCal to adjust things or open it through your app. You could likely then use AppleScript to get various date/times from it to do your tasks. 

I don't use iCal (much) and have never looked to see what functionality is provided for it through AppleScript. But you may end getting a very win-win out of this: let the user thing "awesome!" because it "just works" with iCal and let's you relax and let iCal do most of the heavy lifting in this department. :-)

Jeff M.

On Feb 20, 2010, at 1:17 PM, Peter Haworth wrote:

> Thanks Marty and Jeff.
> I will take a look at at your stack Marty.
> Jeff, you raise a good point, I hadn't thought about.  I'm mainly running on a Mac and people tend to schedule things with tasks/appointments in iCal although various third party tools have their own built in schedulers with their own ways of entering times.
> Pete Haworth
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