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Hi Craig,

I don't no if it's an overArchingTextStyle property somewhere, but a simple way to homogeneize the text of a file id

put the text of fld "x" into fld "x" . So you get rid of any chunk formatting


Le 19 févr. 2010 à 17:48, DunbarX at a écrit :

> This is nothing new, and has always been the case in HC.
> I make a field and I set the textSize of the field to 12. I write three 
> lines of text.
> I then set the textSize of line 2 of the field to 24. That line gets 
> bigger.
> If I ask for the textSize of line 2, I get 24. If I ask for the textSize of 
> the field, I get 12.
> If I then set the textSize of the field to 10, all lines but line 2 obey.
> OK, they always did. Lines (or chunks in general) remember their textSize 
> (or textStyle, or textAnything) as a personal property, taking precedence 
> over the field property. 
> So is it true that in order to globally change one of these properties I 
> have to explicitly use some sort of chunk expression:
> set line 1 to the number of lines of fld myField to "plain"
> I only ask because Rev seems to have a property for everything. There isn't 
> an overArchingTextStyle property?
> Craig Newman
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