Stack working in MACOS, not in Windows.

stephen barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at
Thu Feb 18 23:12:10 EST 2010

Hi again,

I have a client's project that must be compiled for both mac and windows.
To save money, we worked out an agreement for me to write the initial code
for mac and test it and he'd compile for the other platform.

 I, of course the ever- mac-evangelist (Yes I was on Guy's Evangel-list)
have put off my day of Windows reckoning until this moment, and cannot test
this out for myself. I am paying the price for my platform bigotry.

It's some kind of language-learning thing, I don't know - he was quite
secretive and really didn't tell me what this was for, just exact specs on
the way it looked and exactly what he wanted it to do.

Anyway, the basic idea is that this "player" loads in a pre-encrypted audio
file inside the mac app package, decrypts the file (it's an MP3) and since
we can't run audio from a variable, I have to create a temp file to play the
audio. So I use the tempname, then delete each temp file when there are more
than two (sort of a cache if it's played repeatedly). The file begins with a
dot, just to make everyone feel better. It's name is just an  encoded
time-stamp. I'm using much of Eric Chatonet's example code to run the player
part. (yes I've donated several times and will again)

This does use the encryption library, but he was sure he had the enterprise
version.  So the last culprit might be the player.  But Eric's demo stack
DID compile for windows. Also there were problems with drag and drop.

I know this lame asking for clues about something I don't have a way to test
at the moment.. but for the sake of the client I felt like I should ask if
anyone else here has had any similar experience. This is a really simple
stack with no platform dependencies except Quicktime.

Perhaps it's pathnames - On the mac, the folders with the encrypted audio
data are located right next to the executable in the MacOS folder.

On the PC - I've instructed him to put the folders just outside the .exe

Same path, right?  -- and I use "the effective filename of this stack" to
find out where I am for both...

The companion encryption stack works fine for both platforms.

thanks for any clues.
Stephen Barncard
San Francisco

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