inconsistent font setting behaviour

Scott Rossi scott at
Tue Feb 16 20:33:08 CST 2010

Recently, Nicolas Cueto wrote:

> But if you wouldn't mind explaining a bit more the following
> distinction you made:
>> have all text properties of each field set to empty,
>> remove any formatting from the actual text in each field,
> I understand how to set text properties to empty, but I am not sure
> what "removing formatting from text" means?

You can format text within a field independently of the text properties
applied to the field itself.  For example, if you set the textColor of one
character of text in a field to red, changing the textColor of the field
itself will not change the color of the red character.  Formatting text
within a field changes the htmlText of the field, which can override text
formatting applied to the field object itself.


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