socket error 54?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Tue Feb 16 17:38:30 EST 2010

Richard Gaskin wrote:
>>> What is error 54?
>> "Connection reset by peer".
>> But does peer mean the server or your app?
>> Is it a timeout thing?
It is the server. Can be a timeout, can be policy, can be timeout 
induced by rate-limiting, can be ... darn hard to figure out :-(
> Thanks, Sarah.
> FWIW, I've found that I can upload the file to the same server without 
> difficulty at home, it's only here in the office that the connection 
> times out.
> I think it may be a router thang, but I've reviewed those settings and 
> I can't turn up anything that seems relevant.
> But oddly enough, I find that I can upload the same file to Dreamhost 
> without difficulty; it's only with Bluehost that I have this issue.
> :(

btw - in my other email, I said it meant that you had received a RST 
packet; that's normally the cause, but that's not the *only* way it can 

Does it happen every time ?
At the same point in the file ?
Are you using same machine in both locations ? Same App, OS, etc. ?

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