AW: AW: Win7 Apps don't launch - just nothing ?

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Mon Feb 15 09:13:22 EST 2010

Generally I do not know anything about the certificates, at all. I'm sure some commercial developers can chime in and explain how they apply to a rev apps.

As for UAC, it comes into play whenever you do anything that's not allowed by UAC. ;)

Basically, if you're not allowed to do it as a unix user that is _not_ an admin, you can't do it without triggering UAC. One thing that comes to mind is saving stacks next to the application into the "program files" folder. This will either work, be "virtualised" (as described in previous mail), or trigger an UAC yes/no dialog, wholly depended upon the local security settings.

In addition, the security settings might be customised to disallow further things (ie. a company might disallow any access to usb memory sticks in it's domain), and there might be some windows specific things that are not allowed (like changing the registry, not sure about this one).

yeah... security instead of compatibility :(


On 15 Feb 2010, at 14:59, Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:

> Hi Björnke, (who doesn't live in north Italy)
> Thank you for your comprehensive explanations, they are really helpful. I
> will go on with your list in my checks
> OT:
> I always hesitated and feared about the hassle with applying for a
> certificate at MS, because I could never find out, what happens with my
> Updates / updates of the Rev engine. 
> - Do you know, if you need for every update of your app a new certificate or
> is this a one time only procedure?
> - And is this certification worth at all the full procedure against letting
> raise the user the priviliges to admin after request?
> - Actually only my setup needs such a certificate and not my App, because
> only when starting my setup the user is asked for the priviliges by the UAC
> and never when starting my App. Is this correct?
> Tiemo
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