Mixt 'normal' and unicodeText in a field ???

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 06:07:54 EST 2010

Cripes, I must be bonkers .  .  .  :)

Not really, just a bit cheesed off when I want to put something 
'sophisticated' such as 'and'
in between 2 unicode chars in a field where useUnicode is set to true I 
have to define it
by numToChar(XXX) for each constituent character.

For example:

I wish to put unicode char numToChar(353) followed by ' and ' followed 
by numToChar(353)
in a textField and I develop serious repetitive stress syndrome pumping 
out all those
numToChars for space - a - n - d - space; a right mug's game!

So, naively, I tried this:

set the useUnicode to true
set the unicodeText of fld "fKRAP" to numToChar(353) & " and " & 

and, while I got my 2 "353s" they were separated by Chinese chars 
because the " and " is read as double-byte chars).

Bright ideas (not excluding "Go out and climb the hills for 3 days") 

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