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There is a very nice product available from revSelect called NativeSpeak.


Having set up the localization of an application from scratch and being
painstakingly aware of all the issues you will run into, which go far beyond
mere translation and involve things like adjusting object sizes and fonts
and many other things, as well as the time it takes, it is well worth its

Aloha from Hawaii,

Jim Bufalini

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> Are there any examples out there of not only localizing a Rev stack's
> UI, but also displaying localized data downloaded from the internet?
> For example, I have a field and I download an HTML page with Russian on
> it. Even though everything is encoded properly (e.g. ас
> ...) and I'm using a font that can display cyrillic, everything I see
> in my field is just a jumbled mess (using the htmlText property).
> I'm likely just missing a simple step like selecting a language or have
> unicode disabled or some-such. Any help appreciated!
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