altRevBrowser Noob

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Thu Feb 11 16:42:56 CST 2010

Hi all. 

I don't seem to see any documentation on how to properly use the built in browser that is included in runrev now. I downloaded the sample stack, but short of picking that apart piece by piece and figuring out what parts are essential and what are not, I don't think that is going to help. 

Basically I intend to make a stack that expands to the size of the current monitor resolution (minus the Mac menu or the PC task bar of course) and launch a fixed URL, which is a flash stream coming from our main web site. 

This is for a special app for someone who recently had a minor stroke and doesn't always remember how to work all the controls and gadgets that might be in a full featured stack like the sample. 

So all I really need to know is how to get the URL of a flash movie to load in a window. Thanks in advance. 


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