Not quite [OT]: News about Revolution

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Mon Feb 8 12:06:55 EST 2010

On 08/02/2010 18:58, Neal Campbell wrote:
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> While I hated to see my company dragged down into the US Government security
> facade of the past administration (sri for the political rant there), it
> wasn't what the press made it out to be.

And are we to suppose the current administration is really any different?

In Britain, every time there is an election the 'out' party criticises 
all sorts of
measures/laws/decrees introduced by the 'in' party. However, if the 'out'
party gets 'in' they almost never repeal any of those measures they 

"No matter who you vote for the government always gets in."
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