Reference (maybe Live) Distribution for Rev Linux

Andre Garzia andre at
Mon Feb 8 09:55:17 EST 2010


I am building VM images, USB Images and LiveCD. It is SuSe based and
Gnome based. I would not switch to build in any other distro such as
debian or slackware for they do not provide anything like susestudio
which is the only way I can use my free time to build a distro for us.

SuSe is a mature linux that has been here since forever, not as old as
slackware but again, much more friendly. Gnome is the most popular
linux desktop, with all the shift of KDE4, it still needs more time to
mature and decide on its changes. IceWM, XFCE are all cool and
lightweight but we're not building a linux distro, we're build an
environment for Rev testing and development that mimics the most
common linuces out there and that requires gnome. For example, many
new users are ubuntu users and ubuntu comes with gnome.

The distro is now twice the size it was since I added some multimedia,
network and printing support which requires hundreds of libraries and
dependencies. I added those for people want to test their software
doing that kind of stuff, if the support is not there then we fail as
a linux test and development stuff.

The secondary objective of this distro is to push Rev on Linux
forward, to get more users testing and demanding fixes.

The tertiary objective is to turn more users towards linux, it may not
be Mac OS X but it is better than Windows (this is my own linux

The fourth objective is to create a little "RunRev Community Linux"
ecosystem and community so that we can give away bottoms and USB live
drives on the next conference and gain even more popularity.

The fifth objective is unknown at the moment but I am accepting suggestions.

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