little OT: Did anyone from Germany receive the Conference DVDset, yet?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Feb 4 20:38:38 EST 2010

Sarah Reichelt wrote:
>>>> is there  anyone from germany here on the list, who has already  received
>>>> the Conference DVD set ?
>>> I guess there is no need to expect mine to arrive in Australia yet, if
>>> they haven't even made it to Germany...
>> Well, someone I know in California got his set. It takes longer to ship to
>> Australia though, because they have to hire someone to hold onto the
>> packages to keep them from falling out of the plane when they fly upside
>> down.
> Not true... we have highly trained koalas to do that.

I'll definitely add this to my trivia file. Of course, it would take 
some time to send them to Scotland to get the stuff.

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