AW: open substack flickering despite lockscreen

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Feb 4 08:01:10 CST 2010

Hi Tiemo,

> Hi Klaus,
> there is a saying "don't halloo, before you are out of the wood"

??? I only understand "station" :-D

> When using just:
>   set the left of stack "lizenzinfo" to tLocX
>   set the top of stack "lizenzinfo" to tLocY
>   modal stack "lizenzinfo"
> the setting of the loc seems to be ineffective, The stack just opens at the
> default center position. When opening the stack, before setting the loc, as
> in my first approach, the positioning works, but the flickering.
> Any idea what's wrong?

Oops, my fault!
I thought this behaviour only applies to the "Ask" and "Answer" dialogs, but a look into the docs proved me wrong.
This is obviously managed by the engine.

No other idea, sorry.

> Thanks
> Tiemo


Klaus Major
klaus at

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