open substack flickering despite lockscreen

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Thu Feb 4 08:32:05 EST 2010



I want to open a substack modal at the loc of the mouse. Everything works,
beside there is a flickering, when opening the substack and positioning it
at the mouse loc despide of having a lockscreen. For a moment of a second
the stack appears at his default loc and then it appears at my wanted
position. So there must be a fault in my following approach:


   set the lockscreen to true

   open stack "lizenzinfo"

   set the left of stack " lizenzinfo" to tLocX

   set the top of stack " lizenzinfo" to tLocY

   modal stack "lizenzinfo"

   set the lockscreen to false


The reason for using first "open" and afterwords "modal" was, that I
couldn't change the position, when opening it with modal, as far as I
remember my code.

Why does the lockscreen doesn't seem to be affective? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any hint





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