Getting data from a secure web page

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Wed Feb 3 04:44:32 EST 2010

On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 12:01 AM, Sarah Reichelt
<sarah.reichelt at> wrote:
> revBrowser allows me to get the login page, enter my details and
> login, then get the html source so I can find the usage data I need,
> but this is only a useful technique if I have a way to submit a form
> automatically from a revBrowser.
> So does anyone have a way of getting data from a page like this?


it could be an issue with SSL certificates.  I don't know if they are
using a self-generated cert that you chose to accept in your browser
some time ago (unlikely), or maybe they have a cert that came from a
source that is not recognized by Rev.

You could try switching off SSL certificate checking using this rev command:

libUrlSetSSLVerification false

before making your URL call in revTalk.  That revBrowser works might
suggest this is the problem.  I imagine revBrowser makes any http call
via the IE/Safari plugin, thus relying on their SSL handling.

If this doesn't make any difference, then it looks like they are using
some other kind of authorization than Basic.  Actually you can test
the Basic Authorization issue by loading this in your normal browser
(and seeing if you get into the page you want):

That will show whether or not Basic Authorization is acceptable.

Hopefully this enables you to identify where the problem lies.

Regards, Bernard

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