on-rev queries

Brian Yennie briany at qldlearning.com
Tue Feb 2 19:11:25 EST 2010

Although not pretty, you could possibly create a timer which just issues a useless query every 15 seconds or so:

on keepAlive
  executeSQL connectionID, SELECT "1"
  send "keepAlive" to me in 15 seconds
end keepAlive

> Well I've discovered in my experience that ALL SQL servers have a default timeout to clear stale connections. The server doesn't know if someone pulled the plug on a computer or took a meteor strike, and it can't leave the connection open forever. 
> I think I have resolved the problem by re-issuing a connect command and then getting the database ID. Then I can use the <maybe> new ID in my queries. 
> Bob
> On Feb 2, 2010, at 4:01 PM, zryip theSlug wrote:
>> Hi Bob,
>> I've no experience with the on-rev server, but I suppose that it works
>> like another server.
>> 1) Check your logs. Often it contains the cause of how/why you have
>> reach the time out.
>> 2) If you have parameters like on an Apache server you maybe have an
>> equivalent to the KeepAliveTimeout directive.

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