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Peter Haworth pete at
Tue Dec 21 18:45:14 EST 2010

Yes, I read the description in the User Guide.  Here's what I did.  I  
selected a control that is over on the right of the card and set it to  
Scale, then clicked the grey bar in the link area to create an  
absolute link to the right edge of the window.  Then I resized the  
width of the window.  The control wasn't scaled and it didn't move  
relative to the right edge of the window, it was just cut off by the  
new right edge of the window.  So I guess I'm not sure what else I  
need to do.

Pete Haworth

On Dec 21, 2010, at 3:00 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 12/21/10 1:03 PM, Peter Haworth wrote:
>> But I'm confused about the geometry manager. It
>> doesn't appear to do anything right now even though all the objects  
>> I've
>> looked at are set to scale when the window resizes (the default).
> What you're seeing are just the default settings, but they haven't  
> been applied to your controls yet. You need to go through every  
> control and specifically set geometry on it. It isn't done  
> automatically.
> There's an explanation of how the geometry manager works in the User  
> Guide.
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