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Tue Aug 31 08:30:36 EDT 2010

When I print from my faerie tale editing program, I create a print stack and copy groups to cards in the print stack.

All fields that are copied must have their shared text set to true or they will copy over empty.

I had thought that was standard behavior for Rev?
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On 08/31/2010 02:26 PM, Alex Shaw wrote:
> Hi Richmond
> The problem is THAT particular saved stack ie 
> .. is showing the problem.


I have just downloaded your stack to my desktop [Ubuntu 10.04, RunRev 
4.0], set up an unsaved
stack "Untitled 1" and run this in the Message Box:

copy fld 1 of card 1 of stack "teststack" to card 1 of stack "Untitled 1"

the field copied across, but its contents DIDN'T: very, very queer 
indeed . . . Unless . . . hang on a minute . . .

Ugh, curse, fioch . . . no, that doesn't help . . . but let's try this . 
. . [Multiline Message Box]

copy fld 1 of card 1 of stack "teststack" to card 1 of stack "Untitled 1"
put fld 1 of card 1 of stack "teststack" into fld 1 of card 1 of stack 
"Untitled 1"

Now, the field is copied across, followed by its contents . . . :)

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