Copy field problem

Alex Shaw alex at
Tue Aug 31 01:37:41 EDT 2010


Having a annoying problem with copying a field from a (specific) stack.

See below for basic test stack with a single field with some content..

This unusual stack was initially created via code, stripped back of 
unneeded controls and saved.

When I load this stack into the IDE, create a new stack and run the 
following command at the message box..
copy fld 1 of card 1 of stack "teststack" to card 1 of stack "Untitled 1"

.. I get a blank field on the new stack!

Yet when I copy and paste the field onto another new stack and try 
copying, it works and copies the contents too. It also works if I 
manually recreate a test stack with another test field.

Very strange because any new field created on "teststack.rev" will now 
copy over to any other stacks with empty contents.

I've checked relevant properties but nothing seems out of place.

Argh! Starting to pull out my hair over this problem.


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