The State of the Art of Auto Upgrading - How do You Do It?

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Wed Aug 25 14:26:44 CDT 2010

  Hmmm... you refer to MagicCarpet, but are you really talking about 

Can we get the latest version you are using? I have your 2003 version 
and your stack script documentation was so thorough that anyone could 
use it. (thanks for that!)

  you talking about altSplas?On 8/25/10 12:42 AM, Chipp Walters wrote:
> Hi Sivakatirswami,
> Yes, I still use MagicCarpet for all my projects. It does have Proxy support
> for NTLM and Basic Authentication. Chris wrote the NTML.dll for Windows.
> It also has an updatable plugin architecture, along with support for
> updating externals, and virtually any file. It also can update certain files
> on Macs and other files on Windows.
> It generally takes me an hour or so to get everything setup at the
> beginning, including a standalone with icon and splash screen design and
> server setup. If you recall, the whole idea is the splash screen app ONLY
> checks for updates to itself and the Main stack-- and the Main stack checks
> for updates for all other files, including plugins, externals and any other
> files.
> I haven't really looked into other mechanisms. I do have a single button
> "check for updates" which is a subset of MagicCarpet and I copy/paste the
> button from altPlugin stack to altPlugin stack, and a single press checks
> and updates the stack. I also use it for many tools, not finished apps,
> which use a basic Launcher.exe which looks in the same folder for a rev
> stack and launches the first one it comes across. This way a single Launcher
> can be used over and over for utilities. The issue is this engine doesn't
> know how to update itself, only the stacks with the 'check for updates'
> button does.
> I can upload the single button code if anyone is interested.
> HTH,
> Chipp
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