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Ray Horsley ray at
Wed Aug 25 11:08:51 EDT 2010

André, Mark,

Thanks for these suggestions.  I've worked on Macs for years but I'm  
thinking of switching to Windows 7.  I understand it's been received  
more warmly than Vista and as I'm spending more time switching back  
and forth to make sure colors and fonts look reasonably the same in my  
standalone on Windows as they do on my Mac I'm considering the switch.

For the last 4-5 years I'm on a Mac with 4 cores running at 2.66 with  
2 GB of DDR2 RAM.  I'm thinking of stepping up to an i7 with 6 cores  
running at 3.3 GHz with 12 GB of RAM.  My work doesn't involve video  
rendering or anything special.  It's simply a lot of processing data  
and moving it to and from a remote server.  Recently I've noticed  
Revolution choking and ultimately freezing on very heavy tasks,  
sometimes to the point that I'm forced to log back in.  This could be  
due to just 2 GB of DDR2 RAM or maybe it could be points on my aging  
processor burning out.

Anyway, if you know of any issues with Revolution and Windows 7 on a  
64 bit machine then please let me know.



On Aug 25, 2010, at 9:38 AM, Andre Garzia wrote:

> Ray,
> I don't think Rev is optmized for 64 bits or multiple cores. If the  
> host
> system does some optimizations then it will benefit but then again,  
> everyone
> will benefit.
> I don't know if you're talking about windows, mac or linux on this  
> post but
> double check if there is no issue with Windows 64 bits and Rev.  
> Windows
> compatibility stuff for running 32 bits stuff under a 64 bits system  
> is not
> as good as apples (so they say).
> I think the best thing you can have for development is a HUGE  
> RAM is king! RAM trumps Gigaherts! RAM trumps CPU! This is  
> subjective, but
> I'd rather have a core 2 duo with 8 GB of ram than a i5 with 2 GB of  
> RAM.
> Unless you are doing heavy number crunching and video processing  
> will be
> more delayed by your system abilities to use memory (paging stuff to  
> disk,
> all those silly software allocating 2GB of RAM, yes firefox, I am  
> looking at
> you) than by CPU being busy. It is my humble opinion that somewhere  
> after
> pentium 3 or near, CPUs got so freaking fast that they usually wait  
> for you
> or other subsystems instead of you waiting for them to process  
> something. My
> machine is quite fast with its core 2 duo but with only 2GB of RAM,  
> I loose
> too much time and performance when running virtualbox and browsers  
> and IDEs
> at the same time.
> You can never have enough RAM. If you have the money, check out how  
> much
> maximum RAM your computer support and top it. You will not be sorry  
> and if
> things go all right then you won't even notice anything because  
> things will
> run smooth.
> Also multiple cores are wonderful, use as many as you can. Rev  
> engine is not
> optimized for multicore usage but the rest of your operating system  
> is so
> there's a benefit.
> Here on my work, one of our servers is a Dual Hexacore beast, so you  
> got 12
> cores working, with HT then you got 24 threads available. That is  
> quite fast
> with its 48GB of RAM. Of course this is a server and not a desktop  
> machine
> but even though the cores are not too fast, having a lot of RAM and 24
> threads beats CPU raw power and speed.
> On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 10:23 AM, Ray Horsley <ray at> wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> Anybody know if Revolution uses 64 bit processing?  Also, does  
>> Revolution
>> make use of multiple cores?  In other words, would Revolution take  
>> advantage
>> of features like an i7 3.33 gig processor?  Please make any other
>> suggestions regarding the optimal system for speed when working in
>> Revolution and making lots of LibURL calls
>> Thanks,
>> Ray Horsley
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