The State of the Art of Auto Upgrading - How do You Do It?

Chipp Walters chipp at
Wed Aug 25 06:42:31 EDT 2010

Hi Sivakatirswami,

Yes, I still use MagicCarpet for all my projects. It does have Proxy support
for NTLM and Basic Authentication. Chris wrote the NTML.dll for Windows.

It also has an updatable plugin architecture, along with support for
updating externals, and virtually any file. It also can update certain files
on Macs and other files on Windows.

It generally takes me an hour or so to get everything setup at the
beginning, including a standalone with icon and splash screen design and
server setup. If you recall, the whole idea is the splash screen app ONLY
checks for updates to itself and the Main stack-- and the Main stack checks
for updates for all other files, including plugins, externals and any other

I haven't really looked into other mechanisms. I do have a single button
"check for updates" which is a subset of MagicCarpet and I copy/paste the
button from altPlugin stack to altPlugin stack, and a single press checks
and updates the stack. I also use it for many tools, not finished apps,
which use a basic Launcher.exe which looks in the same folder for a rev
stack and launches the first one it comes across. This way a single Launcher
can be used over and over for utilities. The issue is this engine doesn't
know how to update itself, only the stacks with the 'check for updates'
button does.

I can upload the single button code if anyone is interested.



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