Datagrid Column Names

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Tue Aug 24 09:43:02 EDT 2010

On Aug 23, 2010, at 3:18 AM, Jim Ault wrote:

> Column labels can be any ASCII string.
> Hmmm, but can labels be unicode?

By default the text property is used when assigning a column label to  
the field used to display it. You can customize the behavior though so  
that the unicodeText is used (or htmlText for that matter). Just  
override the 'default header behavior' property.

You can use the instructions for changing the default column behavior  
as a guide:

You can see the default script in the text editor by executing the  
following in the message box:

edit the script of button "Default Header" of group "Behaviors" of  
stack "revDataGridLibrary"

You would want to update the dgLabel setProp in order to handle unicode.

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