Asus Eee PC and Rev app

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Aug 23 10:12:40 EDT 2010

jim sims wrote:

 > I have a commercial app that wouldn't work on the following machine.
 > So, I made a simple "Hello World" test app with Rev 3.5, simple one
 > button, one file app that saves no data for testing where the issue
 > might be.
 > it runs fine on my XP and also my Win 7  Ultimate - no problem.
 > Doesn't work at all on the following machine.
 > Anyone have any thoughts on how to fix this?
 > Is there anyone that has a similar machine and wouldn't mind testing
 > a more sophisticated Rev app?
 > Asus Eee PC
 > Intel atom ION CPU 330  1.60GHz
 > 2Gb RAM
 > running windows 7 home premium

I have an Atom-powered EeePC myself, but it's a much earlier model (901) 
and is running Ubuntu Netbook Remix.  So while my experience with Asus 
netbooks has so far been excellent, I don't have experience running 
Windows on it to provide any feedback on that software side of things.

Have you tried temporarily writing to specialFolderPath("desktop") to 
see if it saves there?  As a known user-writable folder I would expect 
that should work, in which case it may just be the permissions of the 
directory you're currently using to write to.

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