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Mon Aug 23 09:53:24 EDT 2010

On Aug 22, 2010, at 1:19 PM, Peter Haworth wrote:

> It appears that datagrid column names cannot be numeric?  I have a  
> datagrid that has alpha column names followed by some numeric ones.  
> No matter what method I use for filling in the data, the columns  
> with alpha names display correctly but the columns with numeric  
> names are empty.  If I change the column names to be alpha and put  
> the numeric value in the column label field, all works fine.

Numeric column names trip up the engine when referring to the internal  
data grid controls. Rather than targeting a control named "1" the  
engine targets control # 1.

If I were to go back and rewrite the internal column naming scheme I  
would probably add a prefix to the internal column controls (e.g.  
"dgcol1" for a column the developer named "1"). I think this would get  
around the issue. For now stay away from numeric column names.

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