[RevMobile] Rev workarounds for iPhone-specific interface differences

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 23:31:55 EDT 2010

Hello List,

I am hoping this starts a thread on solutions to Rev/iPhone interface

The first difference I've found -- and for which I'm hoping someone
has a solution -- is the option button.

Instead of a drop-down menu, on iPhone there appears a button inset
with a tiny squarish symbol.  When clicked, the screen disappears, the
option-button's list of choices appears as a vertical array of
borderless buttons, which, when clicked, perform the script but do not
return you to the original screen.

In contrast, looking at iPhone's "Settings" panel, for example, all
choices are visible but they continue off-screen below and are reached
by "flicking" down. Choices are in groups, but each choice is singly
framed, and each frame shows an icon, a label and a ">". When clicked,
the choice's frame-background goes blue, the entire "Settings" screen
moves to the left, and a new window (card?) appears. To get back to
the "Settings" window, there is a button at the top of that new

Now, how would I do all that in Rev ^o^!

Or, will future versions of RevMobile handle this and other such differences?


Nicolas Cueto

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