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Now it gets wierder.  Created a text field. Rebuilt. Grabbed some text
from the script editor, from the middle of a line so as not to get a CR.
Pasted it into the Ask dialog box, and it pasted it into the filed just 
Then I grabbed some text from an email window that was open, like I
had done on previous tests, and nothing shows up. I can paste it into
Notepad and it shows up fine. Copy it from there and it shows up fine.
Some how what gets copied from the "Outlook Express" email window
won't show up. Go figgure. Must have some wierd encoding or something.
So now back to my right click pasting...


P.S. Tim, you were right. "Its something stupid." Turns out, its me. I 

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> Bruce-
> Saturday, August 21, 2010, 9:32:09 AM, you wrote:
>> I am trying to get my standalone to accept a keyboard "paste"
>> command to be accepted in an "Ask" dialog box. Standalone seems to
>> put a CR in there but no text. It works fine when as a stack in Rev.
> Are you sure that's what's going on? I've found that if the line
> height isn't set properly in a text box I can paste stuff into it and
> all I see is the trailing CR. But the text is actually there and if I
> click in there and use the arrow keys to go up it appears. Are you
> grabbing the text after the ask command and seeing what's in there?
> ask "blah"
> put it into someField
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